Arbitration / Conciliation

Due to our breadth of knowledge, we are regularly appointed to act on behalf of applicants or respondents on arbitrations and conciliations under the RIAI and GDLA contracts. Our team has a strong understanding of the disputes resolution process and, combined with experience, this enables us to provide clients with an excellent, practical and value for money service. OLM Consultancy takes pride in being up to date with the latest developments in Irish and European Law.

Litigation and Arbitration

Our recognised expertise and ability to call upon specialist technical and financial skills in-house has created strong relationships with the legal sector. We regularly receive instructions from leading solicitors to provide expert quantum and statutory compliance advice in cases of litigation and arbitration. Our expert witness or litigation support services provide the knowledge, experience and expertise to advise our client legal team on all matters of construction claims. The team relies heavily upon its reputation and benefits from frequent repeat business throughout this field.


The new suite government contract now requires a named body to appoint a Adjudicator who will decide on dispute issues with in 10 days. OLM Consultancy can provide advice on the adjudication and assist in the preparation or defence of claims.


Mr. O'Leary is a Practicing Conciliator in Construction Disputes and has acted as Conciliator on disputes in Ireland and abroad across a wide range of projects including Commercial, Education, Civil Engineering, Residential and Employer and Design Team. These range in value up to €26,000,000


OLM's Arbitration experience covers disputes in developments in the Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Mining sectors. These range in value up to €6,000,000 and Mr. O'Leary has in excess of ten years experience as Arbitrator on disputes under the Standard Forms of Main Contracts and Sub-Contracts and also bespoke Contracts.

Mr. O'Leary has been Appointed / Nominated Arbitrator on construction disputes by the President of Royal Institution of the Architects of Ireland, the President of the Society of Chartered Surveyors and the President of the Construction Industry Federation.


Co-author of the Dispute Resolution Clause and Conciliation Procedures in the RIAI Form of Contract.

Co-author of the Dispute Resolution Clause in the new Civil Engineering Form of Contract under the Construction Industry Forum.

Author and Presenter of Conciliation Courses and Workshops to the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, the Society of Chartered Surveyors and the Construction Industry Federation.

Arbitration / Conciliation Clients

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